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The post of a lady went viral after she shared a photo, here is why

(Source: - @MazikodeThah)

Social media has been turned on its feet following a lady who shared a photo of an alleged African National Congress (ANC) ward 23 councillor contender. The post went viral on Twitter as many people started engaging on it, however, is mainly about the appearance of the gentleman. As many people felt that wearing a cap sideways and a backpack on a plaque card wouldn’t easily win the voters' hearts. Many felt that the alleged Ophongolo Municipality didn’t do justice to their comrade Phakimpi Sbiya, as they were supposed to publish a more presentable photo. Something that will make the voters feel connect to the person running for the councellor position.  

A tweep by the name @MazikodeThah shared the photo that has got numerous people in their feelings. More especially those who are linked with the ANC. As they felt that the post was uncalled for and that the photo was photoshopped. Even though that may be the case but the post gained over 240 comments, 580 retweets, and 1630 likes. “Enye into ezosbulala i-ANC bakwethu [Another thing that will kill us is the ANC],” wrote @MazikodeThah on her official Twitter account. It seems like Thah didn’t know much about the photo, as she just shared her concerns about the ruling party’s ideal candidates.

After getting a bit of information and even certain individuals schooling her, that’s when she stated that the photo wasn’t real. Since Phongolo is believed to have only 15 wards and the ANC supporters felt that such posts shouldn’t be tolerated as they discredit the work of the ruling party. “I don’t know if it’s true or not. Kuthiwa Phongolo has 15 wards… so this isn’t true,” concluded @MazikodeThah on her Twitter account. Even though this was seen as a joke, but the Twitter community shared their opinions about the photo. 

@TheMightyByou said, “I’m sorry for laughing.” Then @Ntando50608531 said, “Isdakwa phela lesi.”

@MbusoDuma3 said, “Some of the guys like this are very intelligent and very challenging in political issues… Ayihlabi ngakumisa.”

@VumaniMD said, “There's no ward 23 in Ophongolo. Still funny though iphara or uhamba insight school.”

All of this comes after the weekend that was regarded as the final stretch for people to register to vote for their local governance that is set to occur on the 1st of November. Many political parties have taken to the streets as they’re door-to-door campaigns for people’s votes. South Africans have been urged to go to their nearest voting stations and make their votes count. After all, their votes are their say, and will be able to choose the leaders that they feel are eligible to lead their communities.

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Date: 22/09/2021

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