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OPINION - Malema’s larger than life personality is a threat to EFF’s longevity

Advocates of majority rule government, having confidence in the focal case that solid resistance groups lead to a solid and sound vote based system, may see the removal of Julius Malema from the African National Congress and Cyril Ramaphosa's ensuing dismissal of his allure at the ANC's 53rd Elective Congress in Mangaung in 2012 as a surprisingly beneficial turn of events. 

On July 26, 2013 – the commemoration of the July 26 Movement that started the Cuban upheaval – Malema and other displeased ANC Youth League pioneers proceeded to set up the Economic Freedom Fighters. 

While many accepted that the red berets didn't have the stuff to build up themselves as a key job major part in South African legislative issues, placing that the publicity around the gathering's arrangement will ultimately wear off and scatter, the warriors supplanted the Congress of the People (COPE) – another ANC breakaway – as the third greatest gathering in South Africa. 

Furthermore, in contrast to COPE, who had a solid appearance at their first decisions just to contract nearly to non-existent in the following, they expanded their National Assembly situates from 25 in the 2014 general races to 40 of every 2019; assuming a vital part in various metros, adequately the essence of land confiscation and named the voice of the oppressed. The gathering has set up itself as an extreme radical association and has been firm in their devotion to the battle of Black individuals and going up against prejudice. 

There's no rejecting that the most recent eight years have been a triumph for the EFF and the gathering has shaken the political scene of the country. As I was watching Julius Malema convey the gathering's feature address on the event of their eighth commemoration, along the lines, he said: "I can rest around evening time realizing very well that I have enabled Black Africans with the weapon (EFF) that they will utilize… " And therefore, the EFF's greatest test, I accept, is manageability – through fighting legislative issues of character faction to guarantee that the gathering doesn't experience a similar destiny as the Inkatha Freedom Party, United Democratic Movement, National Freedom Party, and COPE. 

What this load of gatherings share for all intents and purpose is that their chiefs expanded than the gathering – setting a solid grasp and establishing a climate where it has been extremely hard for heads of these gatherings to perceive that any other individual could have any identical right to lead the gatherings, presenting an essentially lasting case to the seat. 

Ruler Mangosuthu Buthelezi's IFP did genuinely well. Sooner or later, the gathering was overseeing the KwaZulu-Natal region, Bantu Holomisa's UDM was the authority resistance in the Eastern Cape and the NFP – a breakaway of the IFP for reasons I've refered to above, got going admirably in 2014 yet medical problems of the pioneer, Zanele KaMagwaza-Msibi influenced the gathering's organization to a degree that it neglected to challenge the 2016 neighborhood government decisions as well as having equal meetings 

That is the test of the EFF. Julius Malema is as of now into his second term as gathering pioneer and will most likely strive for a third as the gathering's constitution doesn't forbid it – individuals from the gathering love him, the CIC as he is lovingly called. His awesome character, in any case, represents a danger to the life span of the gathering. It is simple for Malema to expect that the famous help got from party individuals and allies passes on a perpetual and unlimited connection to party power. 

It is the dispute of this article that all together for the gathering to protect its maintainability, Julius Malema should consider giving over control to Floyd Shivambu, his appointee of the most recent eight years at the following People's Assembly – their Elective Conference. Malema ought to, be that as it may, stay a functioning individual from the gathering. 

Establishing a climate where party individuals, allies and general South Africans accept not in Julius Malema but rather the EFF and its philosophies is significant. Julius Malema being the pioneer for a really long time will smother the gathering that can possibly develop past what it as of now is. 

That is the thing that sets the ANC and Democratic Alliance from the remainder of the pack: inner vote based system, contradicting sees, contestations, discusses. Cyril Ramaphosa can never make a case for the ANC, neither can John Steenhuisen on the DA. The ANC and the DA will be there long after their separate chiefs have left office. Would we be able to say the equivalent regarding the EFF? That is the misleading question. 

"Regardless of whether I kick the bucket or go to jail, other [EFF] pioneers will lead you," said Julius Malema tending to party allies at the gathering's proclamation dispatch for the 2014 General Elections. Six years prior, that would've been viewed as another troublemaker Juju explanation. Today, notwithstanding, it appears to be like different pioneers will really lead when he kicks the bucket or go to jail.


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