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ANC Door to Door Campaign ended in tears as angry community member throw stones at them.


Residents are saying no political Party will ever help them out, one of community leader said even the country’s President must never set foot there. They feel like they have been filled and each time elections are approaching their always being made fools and offered certain things, people are always asking for jobs but the agency is providing grants which under gives them less money. People need to stand up by themselves and work without having the agency giving them handouts, if the country was being well managed and all...things would be different and everyone was going to be able to provide for themselves and their own families.

Now when it was the lockdown. People were supposed to be getting at least 1000 not 350, because it is not enough for people to sustain their families and make a living. People who are very poor will believe that 350 is money but it is not enough, If you look at how much people have to spend on groceries then you will realise that this money does not really help most people in anyway. Political parties need to stop lying to people when they want votes and not providing at the end of the day, they must only promise to do what they can and avoid promising to do things that they will fail to provide for people.

The ANC has failed to do most of the things that they had promised the citizens of the country, that is why most South Africans do not even want to vote for the party or anything to do with it. Most people believe that we should give another party a chance, so that we can see if our lives would be changed and made better. It is not fair for only a quarter of the population to be doing fine, while the rest of the country is just suffering.

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ANC Door to Door Campaign


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