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Twitter Say : White People Should Learn How to Say Gqeberha. If not, they must go Back to England.

The new name on the city of Port Elizabeth sparked lot of controversy on Social media. Port Elizabeth it is now changed to Gqeberha which most do not even know the meaning of it but some says it is the name of a local river in the region. The walmer township was once called Gqeberha. 

One user said : If Gqeberha has no meaning, what's the meaning of Port Elizabeth? Here is the Gqeberha river.

But that's not what we taking about in this article. People from black community says white people should learn how to pronounce vernacular words like they do with English or else they should just leave the country. One twitter user said, I quote : Now white people must start learning our languages as Black people. They must even know how to pronounce words, they must start by Gqeberha. If they are not happy, they must go back to England and name of their cities "Port Elizabeth".

Why South Africans have so much to say when coming to languages. Do you think it's because black people were robbed to exercise communication in our languages or the fact that they know English it's because they choose to learn it. What went wrong?. Why all of the sudden, the white community should learn how to pronounce words like Gqeberha? It's not their mother tongue though. Yes black communities have their own native languages and if they know English then they have something advantageous that White community lack.

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