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Foreign Nationals Were Seen Fighting With The SAPS Who Were Confiscating Their Goods


It is unbelievable to many members of the public to her that there are foreigners in our CBD who are illegally selling their goods to ordinary citizens and have taken stones and thrown at the police officers, in recent years we have seen foreign nationals move from fearing the law enforcements of the country to underestimating them and then to beating them up and showing aggression towards them.

It has become very clear that the law is not being respected in this country and everyone just does whatever they want which is a bad image for a country to have, this is thanks to the corruption that is taking place in the country where it has become very easy to get out of jail by merely paying off the offices to let you go.

Even if they can discover that you do not have the identification documents of the country, well they can still let you go if you pay them a price and this has been something that has been going on for a very long time. Every year we see the police failing to contain the borders and prevent foreign nationals from coming into the country, when the festive season ends.

It has become very clear that South Africa has become a country for anyone with a little bit of money in their pockets to pay for their residential place and any kind of services that they might require, because it is not like the police are going around stopping ordinary citizens and asking them about their identification documents.

Even though that is the consensus idea we still have another issue of foreign nationals being integrated into our Society, and this is not something that you can reverse it's like trying to take off some of the roots of the tree that has become South Africa and leave some of the roots, the tree is going to collapse.

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