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Swaziland's Taxes In Action: See What All The Fuss Is About

EmaSwati want better service delivery, they're complaining that money is being wasted on the royal family's extravagant lifestyle. They're saying their taxes are being used to further interests that aren't theirs. The very guns that the citizen funds aren't protecting them, they're being turned on them. The money that should be developing the nation is being used to pamper princes and princesses. This is what emoluments are used for in Swaziland, feast your eyes:

Living their Best Lives

EmaSwati are not asking for designer clothes or the latest phones, they want the basics or what every human is entitled to by virtue of being human. They want access to clean water, they want education, they want to have a say in the way things are being run; just like other people in the world. The people want money and they need jobs. It wouldn't take much for King Mswati to make everyone happy, but no, "everything and everyone in eSwatini belongs to the king".

Do you see why people in the kingdom have taken to the streets? Do you see what they mean when they say taxes are being wasted to support the lavish lives of royals in Swaziland? Look at how they're enjoying the nation's wealth, with no trace of guilt for how the rest of emaSwati are living. There are people in that kingdom that cannot even buy bread, yet refrigerated vans deliver bread to the royal residences regularly. His Majesty probably even has a taste for the Gold Leaf Bread, which goes for $120 per loaf. His foreign chefs could make him any bread he wants, in fact.

Tax in Racks

Instead of supporting local trade, the Dlamini dynasty is known to splurge overseas. They take money that emaSwati worked hard for, and they spend it in Milan and Dubai on shopping trips. This only adds insult to injury, as one might expect. King Mswati has never had a real job, but when you tell his supporters that he wastes the country's money, you hear them explaining how that money is the king's.

Do you see now what all the fuss is about in Swaziland? Do you think this is how a nation's wealth should be used? How do you feel knowing how the royal family uses the emoluments they get from the government? Share with someone who likes the finer things in life, let us know what you think in the comments section below, and FOLLOW FOR EVERYTHING SWAZILAND!

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