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In Disbelief That This Is Going To Happen To The ANC in 2024

In Disbelief That This Is Going To Happen To The ANC in 2024

Date: 2022/05/20

It is hard to believe that the ANC is going to receive less support in 2024, they believe that they will get less than 50% support in the next elections, this is because the public understands that they are not, as effective, as they are supposed to be when it comes to service delivery, they elected a man that is going to just get richer.

Politicians know that they have work to do y passing laws that will make the life of young ordinary South Africans easier, they know that the world is cold so they just think for their own, which is basic human nature. The party is at a stage that is questionable to a lot of people they do not care anymore.

Gauteng ANC needs younger generation to take over the reins, says Nciza

They make false promises, Cyril Ramaphosa tried to reshape the youth and the people by giving them free money which has made inflation as there are not enough products being produced as companies are stuffed, and people are losing interest in the things they love the most, because of how the media is a structure providing propaganda to the people talking about the fact that there are no jobs when but when you look into the country more especially townships there is still a lot that needs to be done.

All the work is being done at places where it should not be done, people no longer have the desire to push through the pain, they lack persistence, they also believe the most negative things about themselves because they see the media selling that, and unfortunately it is the tool that sells, that is how the business was built from the start. The African National Congress is going down and no one can save it.


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