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OPINION| After 27 years in government, the ANC has had enough excuses

After 27 years in government, the ANC has had enough excuses, with so many municipalities collapsing, service delivery continuing to deteriorate, unemployment at a record high and other governance failures, when will the ruling party finally take responsibility? You can't change or tame corrupt hyenas. You remove them from powerGovernment officials have gotten rich at your expense. They hire and give contracts to their friends and family members, and steal money meant for service delivery. While you and your community suffer, these officials buy and drive luxury vehicles, send their children to private schools and live in mansionsIs this what you want for another five years? Please vote wisely, South Africa. If you have been exposed to abuse for such a very long time, you develop feelings of love for your abuser, change is something you don't want to see ie the vast majority of South Africans black or white, yellow or green is the sameIt's hard to let go of what you know, even if it is toxic and abusive. Blind loyalty, fear of the unknown? SA's history? I think many of us, opposition parties included, have underestimated the power of emotional ties that express themselves as party loyalty (particularly from the elder generation, that votes). Young people must rise up if we are to ever see change

The problem with most of the youth of today is that they don't want to engage themselves with change especially political change, they themselves are guilty because they don't want to bring about political change in this country. Maybe it's where I'm from, I don't know politically they can't reason

A lot of them are apathetic, disillusioned and don't think politics or voting makes any difference, which is further from the truth. And it's sad because they have the numbers, and their potential influence on election outcomes is significant. It's a mission trying to convince people to participate, but we hope the bit of info we share will push some to be and push for change

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