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OPINION: There are two things that make people bewitch

If you want money you must work very hard money will be the answer of every problems.

We need money to solve our problems but to have money you can don't need to do wrong things because of that.

Make sure you seek wisdom so that God can give you wisdom to be able to make money in an honest ways

A person who commits witchcraft starts with the heart, first your heart longs for the things of the neighbors and then there is a problem, then you will wish that these things of the neighbors would come to you.

So later your neighbor will no longer compliment you the next thing he/she will start practice witchcraft not by using Umuti but his or her heart by wishing you bad luck.

Second the love of money the bible says the love of money is the root of all evil, but the man who works hard for money has the answer to everything so the different here is how money means to you.

That is why people who are not satisfied about what they had they ended up killing innocent people because there people who lied to them that if they killed e.g albinism people will be rich that is totally wrong there's no such.

So people must be wise when comes to money we need wisdom to work for money and live peaceful life.

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