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President Cyril Ramaphosa made a mistake by returning the country to level 1.[Opinion]

With the situation we are facing right now in our country, president Cyril Ramaphosa could have taken time before he introduces lockdown level 1. I mean now that we have vaccine my plan was to be vaccinated first cause now people will roam around without wearing masks cause we all know how people are so it was not the best decision for me. Now that we are not lockdown level 1 they think the virus is over as many people are allowed to travel ad social gatherings numbers are increased so they take this in the wrong way.

I think he could have loosen other rules but still level 3 remaining so we could avoid alot of movements atleast until we manage to curb the spread and gets all people vaccinated. Cause it will be good when we know that risks for attracting the virus are very low, so according to me I think he made a huge mistake president Cyril Ramaphosa and by extending curfew as drinkers gather at taverns until late in groups then worse part is that some share beer.

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