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Opinion - South Africa is a free country with freedom of speech

Losing a family member in anyway possible is a very painful experience to family members and communities at large that's left behind, irrespective of the race group of the untimely deceased they belong to .

I was totally flabbergasted and annoyed that some heartless and racially insensitive politicians can derive joy and cheap political points scoring from the evidently painful experience of people losing their lives.

South Africa is a free country with freedom of speech. But the rights also come with responsibilities, sensitivity and a little bit of maturity. ANC may be a devil that we all like to hate, but irresponsibly using it's failures to put salt in the wounds of innocent families just to score political points is not only uncalled for, but also barbaric, insensitive and racially stupid.

The political party at the center of this inhuman saga may tremendously suffer in the upcoming elections. But I'm glad that the wounds will be self inflicted, causing self destruction.

DA could've said too many things under the sun to score political points and lure voters to their corner. But choosing to use words like - - ANC CALLED YOU RACISTS - - - - DA CALLS YOU HEROES, is not only distasteful, but also creating even more hatred and distance between the two South African race groups involved in this saga. Why add more fuel to something that was almost extinguished by time and centuries tolerance derived from living amongst each other for more than a century ? DA should have carefully thought about this before hanging it out for public consumption and analysis because this has a very high chance of ending very bad. I'm not sure if John Steenhuise is prepared to take that responsibility.

What do you say or think SOUTH AFRICA? Let's discuss this under a burner called human race and forget about our own race groups and /or political affiliations for once.

Bongeka Chili is a man behind the writing of this piece. He writes about anything that he thinks deserves answers without any influence from anyone else.

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