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"Start acting like a president and do what you have to do ", Ramaphosa loyalist lashes out

President Cyril Ramaphosa has in many occasions been labeled as a Leader who just releases statements, incident after incident but no action follows. Every Monday morning, the President realises "meaningles statements" with no action, acting like an opposition party leader. He did it again this week, addressing the Enyobeni tavern tragedy.

Severely South Africans raised disappointment with this week's statement, demanding Ramaphosa to act and stop with the letters he pens to the nation. Even one of his diehard loyalists, Goolam couldn't take it. "You are the president of this country who has massive powers and you do absolutely nothing. Stop releasing statements like you are in opposition benches. Start acting like the president and do as a president should do", Goolam, who is always praising Ramaphosa lashed out.

In this week's statement, Ramaphosa had condemned the Enyobeni tavern incident. "Let us work together to protect our precious future generation from the ravages of alcohol and drug abuse and their effects. Let us work together to ensure that those who put profit before the lives of our children are not allowed to operate", Ramaphosa said. Ramaphosa further called upon the police to step up the enforcement of laws that prohibit the sale of alcohol close to schools and enhance monitoring of outlets to ensure alcohol is not being sold to minors. Ramaphosa is supposed to be the president, he must speak a word and heads start rolling. But he is just sitting there and not providing answers. His letter doesn't even have proper details about the incident, no answers to the grieving parents and no way forward as to what will happen. So disappointing!

Social media reacts

Goolam is not the only one who lashed out at Ramaphosa following his statement. Look at what other social media users had to say:

@lucianMabaso13 He must change that entire team of his and hire young and vibrant people. I am tired of these Madalas and Gogos who sleep in parliament. Retirement is at 60yrs for government officials. Why doesn't that apply to them? Or maybe I am missing something. Please balance me.

@MartinMaitu How exactly are you proposing the 'work together' ? We have our children sitting at home unemployed with more than 1 qualification. The YES scheme is predatory and paying slave wages. Explain to parents how R3800pm makes sense for someone holding a degree that cost a R1mil.

Ramaphosa seems to be out of touch with reality. No wonder he is always "shocked" when things go wrong in the country. I also have a damning question for the President. Mr Ramaphosa, we've got energy crisis, food prices crisis, fuel hikes crisis, economic decline crisis, standard of living crisis and 46% of South Africans are on social grants while unemployed rate is skyrocketing daily. What have you done that is of significance?


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