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South Africa will become like Zimbabwe if EFF become the ruling party. [Opinion]

Julius Malema is the pioneer and organizer of the EFF party .He began the party when he was kicked out of the ANC where he was the leader of the ANCYL .Today the party is 8 years of age and is going more grounded than ever.It has likewise turned into the primary resistance to the ANC and from what we have seen he has a decent potential for success at winning the races . 

Anyway Julius Malema has a few things he might want to carry out once he wins the decisions .First of all he intends to do land confiscation with Compesation ,in more straightforward terms that reclaiming the land from the white individuals forcibly . Of late he referenced that they will likewise reclaim the land in Sandton and fabricate RDP there. Besides he needs to open South African lines since he accepts all Africans reserve a privilege to be in South Africa

On the off chance that Malema wins and executes these thoughts of his,South Africa will become like Zimbabwe.He figures he would do great to the individuals of color however it will cause extraordinary mischief than great .Remember the late Robert Mugabe likewise thought he was doing acceptable too by reclaiming all the land forcibly from the whites yet look where Zimbabwe is today . 

The land confiscation without Compesation caused destitution and starvation in Zimbabwe. The white individuals escaped to different nations alongside their ventures and shut down their companies.Today Zimbabwe has a joblessness rate that is over 90%.Also authorizations were set against Zimbabwe due to their property change .If exactly the same thing is endeavored in South Africa most likely we will likewise get similar outcomes. 

In the event that he additionally executes the open boundary strategy , South Africans will endure greatly.The entire of Africa will flood in SA and local people will seeking occupations with individuals from everywhere Africa .The assessment paid by South Africans wil be utilized to deal with outsiders who will be stressing the public frameworks . 

As I would like to think Julius Malema is anything but a solid match as a President. His belief systems will run this country to the ground and leave normal South Africans languishing .However less significantly his party is acceptable at causing ANC to remain alert and making life surprisingly difficult for them .Until Malema changes his arrangements of Land expopriation without Compesation and Open Border strategy its best South Africa keeps him off the situation of President. 

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