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Swaziland’s Education Minister A ‘Total Wreck’

Minister Lady Howard-Mabuza was recently stoned by pupils while on her way to parliament. Now, it seems that as more schools protest, her mental health deteriorates more and more every day. Local media quoted her as having said she is a ‘total wreck’ and indeed she is reported to have gotten very emotional while engaging with senators. As schools have finally come to a close, it’ll be interesting to see how she emerges from it all.


Overwhelmed at the Helm

Who wouldn’t be a total wreck in the midst of everything that’s going on? Nothing like this has ever happened in the kingdom before and her term in office has been met with some truly unique challenges. What makes the whole thing worse is the fact that the crux of the matter has nothing to do with her or her ministry. In the midst of it all, legislators still had to compile a report detailing the damage in schools, no wonder lady Lady is frazzled.


Pupils want their pro-democracy members of parliament released from prison. That has to do with the judiciary and the Ministry of Justice, it is beyond the scope of academia. The minister made this clear while addressing the legislators who appeared to show sympathy towards her. Granted, one cannot ignore some of the pupils’ concerns that did in fact involve her ministry.


Minister in Distress

Learners want to be served meat in school, not beans and rice. They want access to Wi-Fi and they want to be able to plait their hair. One of the major grievances has to do with the misallocation of funds. Consider Elangeni High School. The place went into a frenzy because the emergency transport that’s funded by school fees didn’t take a pupil to hospital. This was after the student had passed out from a bad reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.


Administration blocks have been burnt to the ground. School chairs, tables, and windows have been destroyed. The minister definitely has her work cut out for her. One can only wonder if she’ll come out of this a sane person. It’s just like with the Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi, who was also overwhelmed when the pandemic broke out; she’ll probably be fine. 


How does it feel to know what this woman is going through and do you think she deserves it? What would you do if you were Swaziland’s Minister of Education? Do you think Lady Howard-Mabuza could have avoided all of this somehow? Join the discussion in the comments below, share with anyone involved in schooling, and FOLLOW FOR SWAZILAND EDUCATION UPDATES!

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