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Nigeria is kicking out foreigners who do business in that country

When it comes to the issue of foreigners, there must be something that the public is not aware of because the government seems to be trying by all means necessary to protect them, even those who are in the country illegally. They are even bending the South African laws to accommodate them.

The Nigerian government is now telling the foreigners in that country to close all their shops as they are no longer allowed to sell in the small market. They have now implemented a new law that only requires the Nigerians to do that. They are securing the future of the Nigerian people. In South Africa, the minister is trying to ensure that they get new laws that will allow illegal immigrants to be employed in this country. South Africans have not been violent at all when dealing with this issue but you hear the minister talking about the xenophobic attacks. Other countries are laughing at South Africa for what it is doing to its people. Such a non caring government. They want to save the world but they can not save their people.

The president of this country is letting the people down. The people that he has chosen as ministers don't have the best interest of the South Africans at heart. They are always trying to look better before the world while they are neglecting their people.

With the things that are going on, South Africans will have to fight even harder to get what belongs to them. The government wil not stand a chance against the people and we are also seeing that even other political parties are now joining the fight. All other political parties should also come forward and assist South African in ensuring that opportunities are given to them first just like the Nigerian government is doing. Not what we are seeing with the South African government that want to be loved at the expense of the people.

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