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“You Get Prepared, Mass Deportation Is Coming Your Way Soon” — SA Politician Tells Foreigners

Mario Khumalo, the founder of the South Africans First political party, has criticized the South African Human Rights Commission (SA HRC) for siding with foreigners against South Africans, claiming that the organization is not representing the interests of South Africans. Khumalo also criticized the South African Human Rights Commission for siding with foreigners against South Africans. The politician, who recently paid a visit to Nkandla, used the medium to warn foreigners, particularly illegal immigrants, that a mass deportation is imminent, and that the sooner they prepare, the better their chances of surviving the process. He said on his Twitter account that, "Where was the South African Human Rights Commission when Jabu was murdered by foreigners, and where was it when 7 family members were massacred by a Zimbabwean?" There isn't a fool in the SAHRC's organization who can persuade me otherwise. Mass deportation is on the horizon, and they must prepare themselves for it.”

He expressed disappointment that South African Human Rights Commission (SA HRC) did not speak out against foreigners or even caution them when they were carrying out various forms of crime across the country, but that the organization was quick to condemn the actions of South Africans, declaring them xenophobic. The party's founder stated that his top priority is to ensure that South Africans are placed first in everything. He expressed his displeasure by stating that South Africans will never accept such treatment again, nor will they accept anything less. He claimed that all of the complaints lodged by South Africans with the authorities about the careless attitude of some foreigners had gone unanswered by officials. “South Africans who are dissatisfied with their lives outweigh South Africans who are content with their lives,” he continued. They are the most vulnerable and easily terrified folks, and they are the ones who label us as xenophobic.”

Besides that, the young politician warned irregular migrants and undocumented foreigners to start preparing now because the mass deportation may take them by surprise. He also stated that South Africans could no longer be treated as second-class citizens in their own country. “These folks are neither refugees or asylum seekers, they are economic migrants,” he said, his voice rising in rage as he stated, Traveling to other nations because of economic conditions in your own country is not permitted under international law and foreign policy guidelines. I identify with South Africans who are in need of assistance in order to live a better life. By now, we should be aware that the South African Human Rights Commission is biased against South Africans and their rights. A large number of foreigners are employed by this despicable organization. Is it because we the people didn't elect them that they were appointed to be a commission? A terrorist organization masquerading as a legitimate business front.”

He also holds the ruling party partially responsible for failing to do enough to make South Africans their first priority by prioritizing them above all other concerns. “Where was the South African Human Rights Commission during Apartheid?” he continued. The SAHR Commission is not relevant because they are a group of thieves supporting the establishment, which is why they should not be. As a result of their position as part of the problem, the South African Human Rights Commission remained silent when police officers were attacked in Johannesburg. My position on them as a terrorist group remains unchanged. You bloody cowards need to get in touch with me if you have a problem." "The SA HRC does not represent me, and they do not speak for me," he claimed, implying that the organization does not exist to him. When they open their pie hole, I'm deafeningly silent.


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