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Cyril meet with Boris on SA energy in green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, see the reaction of SA

Constructive meeting with Prime Minister @BorisJohnson at #G7. Our meeting focused on British support for South Africa's Energy Just Transition approach, opportunities in Green Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. We further discussed our commitment to the speedy resolution of the Russsia-Ukraine conflict and further enhancement of bilateral trade relations. 

He looks as if he is “taking a mick” as they say in London. 


Some youth in South Africa says on Twitter that, president Cyril Ramaphosa must not come back here to South Africa, he should remain there. We have disowned you Mr matamela as our president, even if you can refuse to step aside and abide by the policy that which you and the @MYANC have approved and signed for a year ago, that who so ever gets implicated in wrongdoing shall step aside until proven not guilty bye. 

Hi @BorisJohnson did @CyrilRamaphosa tell you that his country SA is a mess, we live for weeks without electricity and water? 

Before we ask for the British government to help us, what are we doing to help ourselves? The UK is also looking for its interest. Nothing for free, Boris is struggling to contain Energy in his country, and you have hope he can help you? 

Did the UK PM mention that a large part of UK's “JET” is building a nuclear power plant each year? Here's another reason why we say this “green energy” is not what others say it is. You're holding him just like you promised to hold on to young whites not to leave South Africa. Boris is extra cautious, Cyril might take British pounds and hide them under mattress in his PhalaPhalaFarm , this gentleman bank under mattress bank. Support for South Africa’s Energy.” you mean Privatization of Eskom, don’t entertain any coal conversations please, we already have scheduled electricity as a nation. The President @CyrilRamaphosa, we hope you put #PutSouthAfricansFirst for employment opportunities and not allow this tendency of being big brother of the world while we suffer.


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