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Here is what the well known politician gave to citizens as an advise

The former Democratic Alliance party leader Mmusi Maimane has been outlining issues done by political parties especially the ruling party the African National Congress. According to Maimane the African National Congress has been failing the country since it has been in power from 1994 where South Africa became a free country from the apartheid and colonisers. Mmusi Maimane is currently advising people on how to vote.

He complained about the service delivery of South Africa and how the ANC has been promising to do one thing since then when they are approaching elections but never delivered any of them to communities. Maimane believes that South Africans have a chance to change the status quo of this country. He said South Africans have power on their hands to pull out of the corruption or keep believing in the self correcting ANC. Maimane is currently not running for any position in the upcoming elections this November. He is also not under any political party.

He is working with the OneSA movement that are pushing independent municipal associations around the country. Maimane is highly advising citizens to vote for independents. Here is what he outlined as advantages of voting for independents:

1.Firstly they are not driven by a party agenda and national party ambitions. They are driven to serve the communities that they have grown up in and lived in all their lives. 

2.They know the issues and they are affected directly by the issues.

3. the community has an intimate knowledge of independents. 

4. You know their character, you know their commitment and you know their contribution. 

5. You can’t go wrong choosing someone who you have known all your life. They are not party appointed.

6. Lastly there is a direct relationship. A party politician does not depend on voters to keep his position. 

7.He depends on the party, he then benefits from the support of the party. 

8. Direct elections of candidates increases their accountability to you. You can hold them to task.

Maimane wrote this on his Twitter account. He emphasised that people should vote for independent municipal associations directly. He wrote that people should take back their power and communities. Maimane believes people have power to make a change through voting. It's up to South Africans to make the decision they have to live with for the upcoming years.

Content created and supplied by: NdzallyLaSibiya (via Opera News )

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