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In Shock : Numbers Reveal How Many People Don't Want To Vote

What we’re seeing here is truly shocking indeed because as you can see many members of the public are caught up in a situation where they do not really want to vote, or they are just not sure if they can vote for the right party or not.

Most people have just lost hope that whatever they vote for will give them the same benefit or satisfaction that they require so they stopped voting, and that is the sad truth that is happening about the situation in South Africa - most of these individuals are not satisfied with the way things are going in the country.

Right now we have a situation where most of the leaders who are governing in the country are only interested in their own goals, and they do not care whatsoever about furthering the ends of the ordinary members of the public who are severely impoverished because of them.

If you look at most of the projects which were supposed to be constructed in order to enrich the lives of the ordinary members of the public, the funds which were allocated to all these projects - taken from the taxpayers’ money.

The money which the ordinary members of the public put together in order to pay for the services and run the country, but they were basically betrayed or robbed by the government officials who took the money and completely diverted it to other areas and subsequently completely disadvantaged ordinary members of the public.

Many members of the public are completely fed up with the political sphere because it has proven time and again that people are voting for the wrong party, because their lives will never change their lives are very tough as we speak because most of the population is unemployed.

Especially the youth this with the unemployment rate sitting at 70% and of course these individuals are sitting at home, and just being the rejects and failures of out society of course that is not something that most people look forward to.

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