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In 1965 Fidel Castro read Che's farewell letter

#TalDíaComoToday of 1965 Fidel Castro read Che's farewell letter. That day was extremely important, Fidel read Che's farewell letter, the letter said as follows.

′′ I remember in this hour of many things, when I met you at Maria Antonia's house, when you proposed to come, all the tension of preparations. One day they spent asking who should be warned in case of death and the real possibility of the event hit us all. Later we knew it was true, that a revolution succeeds or dies (if true). Many teammates were left along the road to victory.

Today everything has a less dramatic tone because we are more mature, but the fact repeats itself. I feel that I have done the part of my duty that tied me to the Cuban Revolution on its territory and I say goodbye to you, the colleagues, your people that are already mine.

I formal resignation of my duties in the leadership of the Party, my position of Minister, my degree of Commander, my status as Cubano. Nothing legal ties me to Cuba, just other bonds that can't be broken like appointments.

Recounting my past life I think I've worked with enough honesty and dedication to solidify the revolutionary triumph. My only lack of some gravity is not having trusted you more since the early moments of the Sierra Maestra and not having understood clearly enough your driving and revolutionary qualities. I've experienced magnificent days and felt by your side the pride of belonging to our people in the bright and sad days of the Caribbean crisis. Seldom shone higher a statesman than in those days, I pride myself also to have followed you without hesitation, identified with your thinking and to see and appreciate the dangers and principles.

Other lands of the world claim the contest of my modest efforts. I can do what is denied you for your responsibility in front of Cuba and it's time to separate us.

Know that I do it with a mix of joy and pain, here I leave the purest of my builder hopes and the most loved ones among my loved ones... and leave a people that admitted me as a son; that lacerates part of my spirit. In the new battlefields I will carry the faith you instilled in me, the revolutionary spirit of my people, the feeling of fulfilling the holiest of duties: to fight against imperialism wherever it is, this comfort and heal with far any tear.

I say once again that I release Cuba from any responsibility except the one that emanates from its example. That if I get the ultimate hour under other heavens, my last thought will be for this people and especially for you. I thank you for your teachings and example to which I will try to be faithful until the last consequences of my actions. That I have always been identified with foreign policy of our Revolution and I still am. That wherever I stand I feel the responsibility of being Cuban revolutionary, and as such I will act. That I don't leave my kids and my wife anything material and it doesn't hurt me: I'm glad it does. That I don't ask for anything for them because the state will give them enough to live and educate themselves.

I would have a lot to say to you and our people, but I feel they are unnecessary, words can't express what I wanted, and it's not worth squatting quarters.

Until victory always. Homeland or Death!

embrace you with all revolutionary fervor

What the hell is that

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