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Meet The Only Woman Who Gave Birth To A President, Vice-President, Governor And Minister

What sum more can a woman be respected? Anyway we will agree that God has supported all of its creatures with extraordinary gifts, we can't yet recognize the prominent truth that a couple of individuals are uncommonly liked. This is more like a law of nature. In light of everything, your pick of whom God has supported colossally may differentiate from mine. Coincidentally, "Hajiya Dada" would reliably stay as one Noble woman that God has upheld. 

Who's Hajiya Dada

Picture Credit: Katsinapost 

Hajiya Dada is a strong and striking woman from Katsina whose stomach has conveyed observable and impressive person in Nigeria's political scene. Straightforwardly from her significant other, the vast majority that came from her family were almighty people in the overall population. Mother delivered a one time president, lead agent, minister and first ladies. 

Hajiya Dada's Pedigree 

Late Alhaji Musa Yaradua was her better half, Daddy was the past Minister of Lagos Affair where he agreeably served his country in love. 

Hajiya delivered Late President Umaru Musa Yaradua who's praised as extraordinary among other president Nigeria made. Just two years of honorable authority acquired Yaradua recognitions among Nigerians, even up till today. His sudden end remains consistently a massive and dismal passing to the country. May his soul discover bliss in the great beyond! 

Umaru Musa Yaradua 

Picture Credit: Vanguard 

Similarly mother delivered Late General Shehu Musa who was the VP to Obasanjo military drove junta. The pair served commendably directing Nigeria into a prominence based government. 

General Shehu Musa Yaradua 

Picture Credit: Yaraduafoundation 

Likewise, Colonel Abdul'aziz Yaradua tested for Katsina gubenatorial political race twice under CPC and APC in 2011, 2015. 

One of Mama Grandson was Murtala Shehu Yaradua was a past Nigeria serve (Minister of Defense State). 

Hajiya didn't just make Noble men, three of her granddaughters were past first ladies of different states. Maryam, Zainab and Nafisa were hitched to past authoritative heads of Katsina, Kebbi and Bauchi independently. 

Mothers are splendid yet Hajiya Dada was pure Gold from heaven. We ask God favor us correspondingly as He supported Mama.

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Hajiya Dada


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