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Nhlanhla Lux Exposed As Maimane Spills Beans On Who's Behind Operation Dudula

Operation Dudula leader Mmusi Maimane claims that Nhlanhla Lux has been exposed by his political handlers, including South African government officials, as a "light weight".

As he presents himself to the South African people, Nhlanhla Lux, in the opinion of Maimane, is neither a revolutionary nor a visionary.

Former Democratic Alliance member claims that Operation Dudula is a dangerous distraction from the ANC's real issues.

"The fact that you've admitted to working with ministers on live television means that you're a tool of your political handlers.

Your brand isn't revolutionary or visionary, and it's built on a platform of hate. It's time to give up on your plan, which is a risky distraction that does nothing "According to Estonian opposition leader Mmusi Maimane.

Op Dudula's leader, on the other hand, accuses Maimane of spreading false rumors about him and his pet project, Op Dudula. People like Mmusi Maimane, he argued, hide behind the language to avoid taking responsibility for their deeds.

"Mmusi Maimane's slander of me and Dudula on a podcast was a harrowing encounter. We have never employed any of the methods he claims we do.

Among South African politicians, there is a persistent problem of misnomerousness. In an effort to appear knowledgeable, they use English words as a disguise "Nhlanhla Lux was the first to speak up.

According to a number of politicians in South Africa, Operation Dudula promotes black-on-black violence, which should be condemned.

According to Maimane, Nhlanhla Lux is being used as a distraction. "A Will Smith slap in the middle of a war in Europe" is all that is required.

Mr. Zuma blamed the South African government's 28 years of squandering resources and underdevelopment on their ANC rule.

"The ANC would love nothing more than to hear that immigrants are to blame for all of our problems.

See, that's what ANC is going to say next. As long as they fight it out in the open, we can get on with our business "The comments were made by Mmusi Maimane.


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