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OPINION: The Gold Smuggler Has Been Elected to be the President of Miners Federation

US$100 million worth of gold is smuggled out of Zimbabwe every month. The President’s niece who was caught smuggling 6kgs of gold to Dubai with the help of the President’s bodyguard has been elected President of the Zimbabwe’s Miners Federation

The truth be told, if you say you have a home in Zimbabwe, you are bluffing. Instead you are lower than a slave in the country of your birth. imagine if one minister owns over hundred of farmer land, what about if they are twenty ministers owns as much as that land? I think there is nothing land left of me and you

And the part about the first being the last and the last shall be first, when does that start ? 🤔What about the rest of us in the middle , you know we are just falling further and further behind.May lighting strike them all without hitting me, Well aren't you still in charge of lightning?I know am supposed to say forgive them father, they know not what they do. But I think they do know goddamn well what they are doing, they just don't care. l just wish one of them would say I'm sorry, you kñow and mean it or go to jail or both yeah that will be nice

In Zim the more corrupt you are the more rewards you get, I think it's because they know that if the more corrupt get positions they will fight harder for the less corrupt, because if they fail to fight they will be exposed. She must be in jail, these are the people who are milking the country causing extreme poverty

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