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Namibian State sends cautioning message to EFF pioneer Malema, this will leave you in speechless

It is never a better time than right now the public force of South Africa set Julius Malema in order to keep him from perseveringly bringing the country in general shame. His looks of late against the Republic of Namibia is ill-advised.

You would review that Julius Malema really pulled Namibian government for getting an EFF part to the extent that anybody knows connecting with against abuse in the country.

As per Malema's unmistakable confirmation; "We censure the Namibian government for the catch of EFF individuals from parliament and EFF activists who are unfairly doing battling against the horrible association of Swapo," said Julius Malema, while watching out for the catch of Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters pioneer Jan-Epafras".

Noting Julius Malema's confirmation, The Namibian power delegate, Alfredo Hengari exhorted that Namibia was a not an area of South Africa. While conveying that South Africa is compelled by law and order and they wouldn't overcome any impedance from a distant like Julius Malema.

As would be typical for him, he said; "Namibia isn't a region of South Africa. We don't perceive impedance in our undertakings. Our nation is compelled by agreement and legitimateness. Any activity that is in opposition to law and order will be administered much the same way ".

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