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Opinion: Zimbabweans do you Think Our Country Will be Better if we Get a White President?

I saw this post and would like to offer my thoughts, I am not saying what you will read is correct but something to think about? Please read on..

All those things Ian Smith said in the picture are true, but there's a distinction to be made. Firstly, that this is NOT about race we are all human beings with good and bad aspects. If we believe that only white people can rule Zimbabwe then i ask what is the whole point of protesting? Hear me out i can hear people are getting angry because we then say anyone that is black is bound to fail our country.

This statement implies only white people can rule but is that true? Black people can rule effectively, Morgan Tsvangirai helped transition this country under the GNU and stabilised this country, leading with compassion. Look at Botswana with Ian Khama one of the most stable countries in Africa and so to Mandela. We have certain white people in power like Billy Rautenbach, Vangelis Peter Haritatos, Kirsty Coventry, are they representing the best white people have to offer?

Is ZANU -PF the best black Zimbabweans have to offer? The answer to this is no.

Fadzayi Mahere, Hopewell Chinono, Jacob Ngarivhume and hundreds of individuals fighting for our country, show us the colour of your skin is irrelevant it Is the content of your heart that matters. 

It is tempting to believe that white people are better leaders even in other former colonies like India, Pakistan Bangladesh. But are we saying that they too need white people to come and "save" them?

Are there no good leaders in every African country or Asian country? Only white people can do the job? Or has the system of politics in each of the countries failed to produce good leaders. Remember Europe's history had kings and lord's and they ruled and impoverished their countries for hundreds of years, it was only in the last 200 years that this started to change.

Zimbabwe and other colonies have only experienced a brief time under their own rule, as short as someone life and we expect it to be the same as European countries? It will take time, pain and dedication before we get better leadership. But if we say only "whites" can lead. There is no empowerment and we lose belief that the majority of a country can save themselves. Zimbabweans can fix this, but how can we believe that, if we believe only a certain part of the population can?

What does it say for those fighting for our freedom who are currently in prison ?

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