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Grandpa says Cyril's administration will make you think Zuma's tenure was a Land of Milk. See what SA say

Cyril Ramaphosa Administration will make you think Zuma Administration was a Land of Milk and Honey. Cyril Ramaphosa Administration will make you think Zuma Administration was a Land of Milk and Honey. Refresh their memory and Name one better thing currently compared to the previous. But in the previous admin, the media was reporting differently compared to the current admin. Another example of things that got worse. 

The media, Once the “SA Journalist” sets it eyes on a target, they don't let go.

They even issue each other Titles like “Legal Expert”, “Senior Political Analyst” Or once ANC sets a target on a journalist they don't let go.

Remember what they did to that lady from SABC , Head of news ???

Don't be biased and speak for your ANC.

With limited memory. Now we have those RET mob running around here celebrating nothing. Remember, RET criminals blames @EFFSouthAfrica every time Thuma Mina show them flames.

And EFF is not part of their internal party games of factions, Thuma Mina treats Radical Economic Transformation as a Faction in the ANC, and not as a Policy adopted at the Conference. Mr. Javelin is throwing every state assert on the another side of the river, whites are just collecting. At least things might start working again if the whites get their hands on things without political interference. It would be nice to see South Africa become a functioning country once again. The ANC has been consistently talking about TRANSFORMATION mos. Everything transformed, should have been talking about growth of jobs and economy, 

In reality municipalities bankrupted sh*t running in the streets, train lines & stations missing no trains running, parliament burned down, borders joke, record unemployment, Eskom best in class in world to a joke, SAA bankrupted not flying list goes on just look around roads. 


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