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OPINION | Heritage Day Teaches us How to Empower Ourselves With Knowledge, Information and Understanding


To engage with politics in an effective way, one needs to not only be educated, but intelligent that is, using rational reasoning to develop understanding. If the masses are ignorant democracy doesn't work. So how does a pseudo-democratic goverment control their deliberately dumbed down masses?

The government has to rule by stealth, literally hoodwinking, tricking and manipulating the people into shallow policies that only sound good but definitely aren't actually good. This kind of democracy shoots itself in the foot and the nation collapses into an anarchic mess, sound familar right ? Shallow policies do not make for good government. But the bitter reality is that ignorant people those who have intentionally kept in the dark, always vote on shallow issues. That's why people keep voting for the same devious tricksters. Even though they keep getting burnt and betrayed by them again and again and again, because the voters are like moths to the flame of empty, lying promisesThe only solution is to educate and empower ourselves with knowledge, information and understanding, because the government sure won't

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