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Road Accident

R.I.P. Another Top ANC Heavyweight Got Killed

The mayor of the Naledi Local Municipality unfortunately died in an accident later on Sunday, Neo Schalk’s vehicle got completely wrecked outside Vryburg in the North West and the driver of the other vehicle also succumbed to his injuries.

The Naledi Local Municipality Mayor was killed in an accident, according to the police, the mayor’s vehicle was involved in a head-on collision on the N14 outside Vryburg. Emergency services were called to the scene however the mayor, and the other driver had sustained and succumbed to their injuries.

Schalk is the third mayor to be involved in a car crash in recent weeks, and this is raising a lot of suspicion because we know that there are many ways that these political cadres get rid of opponents in order to be in positions of power. We know that South Africa is rife with political assassinations, and this is not something that is new so we are not surprised by this.

Johannesburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo was also killed in a vehicular accident, Mpho Moerane was recently sworn in as the new mayor and interesting enough so was Mayor Matongo – it is very apparent that there are individuals who might want to be in those positions of power no matter what it takes even, if that means that a life of an individual has to be taken.

Schalk is remembered for being a foot soldier who actively campaigned for the safety of the public on the roads, the North West ANC Youth League sent their condolences as well as his colleagues and those who were very close to him.

The news is shocking to may individuals because it seemed like the killings are happening in succession which makes us believe that these individuals' killings are planned and the victims were targeted by other individuals, who are interested perhaps interested in these positions of power.

We have to believe after seeing that the there were other ANC officials who were assassinated recently we have to be very concerned about the seemingly random deaths of these ANC politicians, if it is not just from Covid-19 complications then these other things are to be suspected by ordinary citizens to be foul play and these are all done in order to advance another sinister agenda.

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