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Bill Gates says lockdown should continue until 2022

Unelected college dropout Bill Gates says lockdowns and masks and this nightmarish police state that exists because of a chest cold should continue through 2022.

Bill Gates says bars and restaurants should stay closed for the next 4 to 6 months, and life won't return to normal before 2022. Nobody elected Bill Gates to anything. He can stick his ideas where the Sun doesn't shine.

Bill Gates isn't just expressing an opinion: he has the money and influence to control people's lives. That's the problem.

Bill Gates is not a scientist. CJ Mogoeng Mogoeng is not a scientist, but the white guy has a right to talk about vaccines and the black one should keep quiet. Sthule nje syabuka!

There is nothing scientific about a vaccine after it has been produced and ready to be used. I think chief Justice Mogoeng was talking about a vaccine that will be injected into human species.

He has every right to comment about it.

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