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OPINION| Another President in Trouble for Empty Promises

Business man and Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema who is also a pastor like the Malawian new President is under fire to fulfill his promises. Hakainde Hichilema who promised Zambians milk and honey is failing to implement free education for all, which he swore by heaven that once Zambians elect him and is sworn in as President, all Zambians will begin to enjoy free education. Today Zambia's opposition party EFF started demonstrating for free education which Hakainde promisedIt looks like the campaigning ground where all candidates make promises to the people is quite different from the ground where the actual work is done. Its up to the citizens to determine which promises are not realistic, measurable and attainable. As we wait for 2023, Zimbabweans can learn from Malawi and Zambia to control their excitement, limit their expectations and vote wiselyHH as a Zambian motherland American Veteran with a passion for upholding the greatest National principles on earth, where I was willing to give my life to defend these ideals I am very happy to hear another Zambian echo my thoughts and beliefs. As long as you keep the wolves in sheeps clothing away from your administration I will continue to assist mother Zambia become the jewel, I have always known it could be if we could only break the corruption culture that FJT installedBut, Bally enough with inspiration, the voters want you to start acting as your seemed procrastination is eluding the value of the revolution, people want action on the home front immediately you land Bally. The citizens are slowly getting tired of your motivation speeches and encouragements, go back to your country and do what you promised them, because they voted for your manifestos not motivations

Call him negotiator, convincer, name it but the interest of the Zambian people is not in America it is home here in Africa. It is risky to ignore madam Saboi's point regardless how much people hate her truth be told she means well on this one. Lets not clapp anyhow even where Its not necessary you end up leading President HH making wrong decisions, because you can't stop clapping. Lets clapp if need be en say no to clapping when it comes to issues that may affect the majority who are the poor Zambians

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