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"Don't Clap For Me, I'm Not In A Popularity Contest" Malusi Gigaba Fires Shots

On Sunday at the North West provincial conference, former minister and ANC comrade Malusi Gigaba lost his composure.

Disagreements over the acceptance of credentials and the presence of fake delegates were just two of the many issues that plagued the conference. This resulted in the conference going over its allotted time.

Malusi Gigaba was serving as the conference's chair, but his ANC colleagues were constantly distracting him with their foot-shuffling and podium chatter. As a result, Gigaba lost his cool and ordered the other soldiers to get off at the next stop.

He reassured the other ANC members in the room that he could handle the proceedings on his own. When the delegates started applauding after he finished speaking, he cut them off, saying it wasn't a popularity contest.

"In this instance, I do not require assistance. I wouldn't need assistance from behind, even if someone offered it. For that reason, I am qualified to take the role of chair. I don't need your paws to help me, either. Do not applaud; this is not a competition. I'm trying to unwind, so please spare me the applause "Malusi Gigaba claims.

After withdrawing from the chairperson race, Supra Mahumapelo played kingmaker at the North West conference, and the slate he endorsed went on to soundly defeat Bushy Maape, a loyalist of the CR.

Supra Mahumapelo, a prominent member of the RET, has announced her intention to seek the party's nomination at this year's ANC national conference in December. The rumors that he will run for secretary general have not been confirmed.

It has been suggested that RET comrades in certain provinces will instead support Supra Mahumapelo now that Ace Magashule is disqualified from running for secretary general in accordance with the step aside guidelines.

Zweli Mkhize, a resident of KwaZulu Natal, has been suggested as a viable presidential candidate. Some delegates at the North West provincial conference were overheard supporting Paul Mashatile, a candidate for vice president.


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