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Nigerian government chasing out foreigners from doing local business in Nigeria

It has now become clear that the government we have is not the government of the people as they claim to be. We are seeing that other countries across the African continent are ensuring that their people are being prioritized for any kind of opportunity that may arise. But when the same thing is being done in South Africa, we are being told about xenophobic attacks. Even the minister of employment Thulas Nxesi said that political parties who are fighting for South Africa are xenophobic.

The Nigerian government is securing an informal trading market for its citizens. As the Nigerian government is ensuring that its citizens are prioritized, the #PutSouthAfticaFirst will be ensuring even more for the Nigerians to go back home. There is nothing wrong with what the Nigerian government is doing. They have every right to do so but here in South Africa, we are being told about the employment quota for illegal immigrants. The criteria for choosing a minister should be relooked because at this rate we are going, they will destroy South Africa.

"We demand all foreigners leave our markets and shut their shops"

The Nigerian government is saying that local businesses are dying hence they have now decided that no foreign national will be operating any small business in their country. Only Nigerians should do that. Only if we had the same governments who put the South Africans first. This is something that minister Thulas Nxesi should learn.

South Africans will not retreat on this matter until the government listens and do the right thing that all other African countries are doing. It looks like this government wants South Africa to be the savior of all other failed countries, while South Africa has its problems to deal with. In the end, the government will have to listen to the people.

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