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Ruler Misuzulu's Trickeries Are Uncovered denounces any and all authority 20211003 

The illustrious family has asserted that the Lord isn't reasonable to lead the Zulu Realm in light of the fact that isn't acting. Ruler Misuzulu is being charged as somebody who preferences drinking. It is asserted that he even have numerous kids outside of marriage. The regal family say that he has youngsters with his cousins. He additionally has youngsters from outside of the imperial family. They are in any event, asserting that he has a child with a homegrown specialist who was working for his late mother. 

This has brought about the group of the Zulu illustrious family to promise keep challenging Ruler Misuzulu kaZwelithini's acknowledgment as their lord, demanding he is just not an appropriate possibility to lead the Zulu country. The Zulu Imperial group additionally said the ruler loves night out as he was spotted drinking the entire night before his discourse the next day. The Beverly lodging in Umhlanga Rocks was brimming with Lord Misuzulu's companions which are high profile companions. 

The party included Duduzane Zuma and numerous others. They said that Misuzulu turning out to be sick when he should give a discourse during a reed dance was on the grounds that he was tipsy on that day.

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