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The JZ FOUNDATION sent a very sad message to South Africans

H.E Prez Zuma, an old man approaching 80 years of age, facing his 20th night in Estcourt Prison for a civil contempt.

*Jailed without trial

* No right to appeal

* No right to mitigate sentence .

* Hoping the Rescission Appl will be successful.

* Justice not Pity is all he wants.

They started to know that they're poor when Zuma is jailed? I didn't know that the poor reside only in Gauteng & KZN. How are black schools fit in the menu of poor & hungry people? It was INSURRECTION period!!

What is sad for a black child in Mzanzi is the black leadership whom intents to divide us. The Zuma factions , the Malemas, the corrupt politicians whom lead with populist agendas & the masses who  keep voting for them & denying the black child a future.

Ramaphosa and Zuma were cooked from the same pot of corruption steered by Mandela the hypocrite. It is well known within ANC circles that Cyril connived with WMC companies at the expense of the poor Africans. Ask about the 500 page dossier implicating him.


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