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Modise admit ANC leadership has been disappointing!

For once in a long somebody spoke nothing but the truth to South African people.Modise delivered a very straightforward speech yesterday on Andrew Mlangenis funeral.

Modise admitted that nothing is good in the current leadership of ANC.She went on to label the current leadership as a "disappointment" is he referring to everyone including the President?if that is the case then everybody must start to look at themselves with glimpse of overcoming bad taste.It quite clear that alot has been going wrong in leadership of ANC.The Johannesburg National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise spoke so fondly of Mlangeni"The two of them, both Denis Goldberg and himself after Ahmed Kathrada left,took it upon themselves to correct our steps and they did not keep quiet and they challenged us."

Modise wasted no time,as she was not scared to voice her displeasure about current state of wellbeing of the African National Congress(ANC)leadership"l think we have failed ourselves;we have failed our children...Andrew [was ]beginning to be frail and yet he spoke out about wrongdoing,[it]made some of us be dertemined to be unpopular if we have to speak up."

The nation need such people.People who will always speak the truth,the leadership that wont be afraid to assume it role.ANC is under a heavy burden to clear it name and start to produce good.

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