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SA says ANC supported Derek Hanekom for plotting to remove Zuma, see reactions

So ANC now has a problem with Ace Magashule attending an EFF event but didn't have a problem with Derek Hanekom plotting to remove Zuma? 

Hayi shame Julius Malema is not one to be trusted with secrets, he'll throw you under the bus so fast, your head will spin! Stop testing him. He talks everything bad about everyone this gentleman, but never wants to come clean about VBS, But the ANC members are arrested mos, and they were involved, if you have information, please help us or go to police station and report him. @Derek_Hanekom he was plotting to remove Zuma, now you think the Phala phala boy he Will survive, Magashule criticized Hanekom for the same thing. EFF must stay out of ANC factional rubbish, Ace Magashule is not plotting anything; hence he is not hiding going to the EFF Freedom Charter commemoration rally, Zuma was no longer wanted in the ANC. That's why he was fired. Derek hanekom was right, the whole cabinet was fucked up with your grandfather. Malema has these guys by their scrotum. You associate with Malema at your own risk, White individuals thought they are using eff, only now they realize you can't use eff. Ace is welcome to attend eff event is his choice and no 1 will do anything including all white skin people, I have seen a lot of other ANC members with eff members, I have also seen a lot of pictures of ANC leaders with white people. The issue might not be Ace, but black unity. Remember what is new ANC represents, what EFF and Ace did goes against all that. You know what's worse, they blame Ace for attending an EFF event, but they don't blame themselves for watching it live on TV.

One thing about Julius, he was born into politics. Most ANC cdez dnt u understand politics. that's why he can stand on the podium in Early and collapse the caucus of ANC in parliament. I strongly believe that Malema is the most loyal member of the ANC it is just that ANC is infiltrated with sellout and ayisafani so there was a need to form an organization that will keep the light burning. EFF is the original ANC, Some RET forces hate @Julius_S_Malema for having a hand in removing JZ. Malema is a freedom fighter who calls a spade a many times has he been out in the open calling for removal of CR while some of us hide behind Twitter? 


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