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Painful As a Tsonga Reveals That They Are Treated Like Foreigners In South Africa By Others

A Tsonga man is not happy that he is being treated like a foreigner in his country. The unhappy man took to his Twitter handle to bemoan the unfair treatment that they, the people of Tsonga, are getting in the country as if they are not citizens. The man said, “I’m Tsonga, I already know how it feels like to be a foreigner in my country”. Sadly, this is what many people are experiencing and many of them do not even mention it because Tribalism has eaten deep into every nook and crannies of South Africa. The rainbow nation is no longer the rainbow nation that people knew. The beautiful colours of the rainbow are being eroded by the ugly eraser called Tribalism. A South African man said, “Tribalism just stink, DBE should be introducing South African languages in areas where the languages don't exist, e.g. let learners do Tsonga in KZN as the second language or introduce Sepedi in EC where is predominantly Xhosa speakers. We can learn each other languages. bt ke”.

Many South Africans who are contributing to the debate are narrating different stories how they were treated badly because of Tribalism. They are trying to see the cause of this ugly trend and perhaps the best possible means to solve it. They declared that South Africans are one, no matter the colour, race, skin, or tongue. A lady narrated a bitter experience at work. She said, “I'm a Xhosa, but I was treated like a foreigner at work by my Pedi, Tsonga, and Zulu colleagues in my country, even the Zimbabweans colleagues treated me like a foreigner. I survived 3 disciplinary hearings until the last 1 I said I've fought enaf I'm tired, let me to Cape Town”. This is bad, and South Africans cannot turn blind eyes to this bad development. It was racism, now Tribalism… South Africans must rise and do away with this ugly trend of Tribalism across all sectors.

A Tsonga man also narrated how Zulu people see them as foreigners in South Africa. He reported, “Zulu nation in most cases are the only people who in their eyes who see us Tsonga and Swazi as foreign nationals and I still don't get it right why that? Xhosas in Cape Town see every black person who does not speak their language as a foreigner”. How can South Africans overcome this? What is your take on this issue? Have you ever suffered racial or tribal sentiment in South Africa? Then tell us in the comments section, and people can learn from it. 

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