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Truth Or Lies| Is There A Mysterious "White Man" Behind Zanele Mafe's Arrest?

Date: 17/01/22



Zandile Mafe has been the talk of the country ever since the 2nd of January 2022. He has been the prime suspect of the Parliament arson case and so far there's very little information that he has revealed to the public.

Ever since the case started he was not given the space to talk about his side of the story but on Saturday the 15th of January, he finally got to speak out. He revealed that a mysterious white man showed up after he got picked up outside the parliament and promised him freedom.


During his urgent bail hearing, he revealed that he was picked up outside the Parliament where he was sleeping and taken to an unknown place. There he was introduced to a white man who said that he will be given the death sentence if he does not comply with the police.

This according to him is the reason why he decided to hand himself over without a fight. The only issue is that he says the white man never met his end of the deal because he's still in jail even now. What is most disturbing about the story is that there is no proof that he was taken to an unknown place and he actually spoke to this white man.


South Africans are well aware of the fact that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This condition can make people recall situations that never happened but they only imagined them in their heads. There's a great chance that this whole thing of a mysterious white man is being made up in his head and it never happened. There was also a chance that it did happen and they are going to use his mental disorder to cover it up. The full story will only be found in due course.

What is your take on the matter at hand?

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