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Parade protest


Things are looking terribly bad for president Ramaphosa.

Trevor Noah built a career in comedy using Zuma's name, nothing ever happened to him but today artists are losing gigs if they tweet about RAMAPHOSA FAILURE,activists are being jailed for protesting, public protector is haunted for asking questions on.

Aparently Secretary General of the ANC Ace Magashule made sure all candidates are registered by IEC in 2019 Elections.Never approach courts to seek extension...and Cyril Ramaphosa removed Ace to fulfill de Klerk MANDATE:REDUCE ANC MAJORITY.

Great Zulu tweeted “The leader of the ANC is one Multi-Billion Rand wealthy Cyril Ramaphosa who is friends to Big Business which makes an estimated R3 Trillion revenue every quarter. If the ANC is broke, they must ask their leader to provide leadership and get Funds and stop irritating us on Twitter”

Judge John Deed said “The state, in all its iterations, is being hollowed out under Pres Ramaphosa, while SAns are looking on helplessly caught in the headlights of MSM like an antelope. "Senzeni na" doesn't cut it.Mass Citizen Pushback is the only answer to this sort of thing. Please,get rid of Cyril”

what are your views fellas?

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