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Opinion - History has a tendency of repeating itself HERE is why

Her are two iimbokodo.

One once complained about corruption within her governing party. She decided to leave her big movement because she would not identify with prevailing corruption.

On the other hand, one is occupying prestigious position of power, calling our judges names, insulting our constitution. She making the calls from a comfort position.

One of these women, is a woman of integrity, while the other is a woman of power, entitlement and a disgrace to our democracy.

In addition History has a tendency of repeating itself in the form of America's Presidents Goerge Washington and Richard Nixon. In Washington, America had a President who couldn't tell a lie and would always stand by the truth no matter what, but alas in Nixon, Watergate proved that they had a President who couldn't tell the truth. By losing credibility with his people, Nixon lost his moral authority to lead the nation and had to resign. South Africa must choose if they want to be led by an upright Washington or pathological liar Nixon.

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