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Zimbabwe pleaded for the removal of Sanctions. Here is how the US responded

The United States reportedly responded to the calls that were made on Monday by Mr. Mnangagwa and his supporters for the removal of sanctions by the West.

The United States Embassy is reported to have said that the economic, social, and humanitarian problems that were being experienced in Zimbabwe were a result of the leadership of Mnangagwa.

It was added by the Embassy that the economic challenges were a result of poor economic management, corruption, lawlessness, and lack of respect for human rights.

Monday the 25th of October had been used by Mr Mnangagwa and his party to call for the lifting of Sanctions in Zimbabwe. The Mnangagwa regime has been failing since it came into power.

The Minister of Finance Professor Mthuli Ncube is struggling to help bring glory days to Zimbabwe. Professor Ncube for example reintroduced the Zimbabwean dollar as part of the currency, but it has brought more suffering to the people.

The exchange rate of the Zimbabwean dollar to the United States dollar is not consistent, hence making people struggle. This has nothing to do with the Sanctions. Natural disasters have affected Zimbabwe in the previous years.

Before Zimbabwe experienced a good harvest recently, it had many natural disasters that brought suffering to the people of Zimbabwe. There were times when Cyclones hit Zimbabwe, events which led to hunger.

Cyclone Idai was one of the natural disasters that hit Zimbabwe. It can't be forgotten that climate change also hit Zimbabwe leading to hunger as well. These were not a result of the Sanctions imposed by the Western nations.

The Covid-19 pandemic is another factor that has had negative impacts on the suffering of people. Zimbabwean people are still under lockdown and only certain people are allowed out of the country.

Most Zimbabweans rely on importing goods from foreign countries for resale. However, this has been impossible as a result of the lockdown restrictions.

Do you still think the Sanctions have to do with the challenges being faced in Zimbabwe?

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