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Gumede says if Cyril step down as leader of ANC over Phala farm saga no hope in 2024 for ANC, watch

Watch out, Gumede adds; if Cyril resigns as ANC leader over the Phala farm controversy, the party has no chance of winning in 2024. 

The ANC's downward spiral will accelerate if President Cyril Ramaphosa is forced to resign as party leader over Phala Phala. The party could split up, and it will likely do poorly in the 2024 elections. 

He is Cyril Ramaphosa, not ANC. The ANC is not in his interest, thus he is leaving, leaving it to the voters instead. After you gave him the assignment decades ago, he did nothing but reduce the ANC to ashes. There are no compelling arguments for Ramaphosa to step down as president, even though the chief mgodoyi is implicated in the robbery saga that took place on Ramaphosa's private farm. The real crime here, though, is the large amount of undeclared foreign currency that Ramaphosa possessed. Once you factor in kidnapping and torture, you essentially have a mafia in the Oval Office. The abrupt defection of the DA and the SA media from CR makes sense now. Obviously, they aren't. The article in question is pro-man. 

By making it look like demanding accountability would bring down the party most people vote for, they want to intimidate the public into keeping him in power. Voetshek has Cyril tasked with obliterating the ANC. Once he leaves, the ANC will flourish. Since 1994, you've been worried about the rise of a political party that, in most cases, has little to do with national progress. The whole picture is being overlooked as you focus on the details. On what planet are you living? If Cyril is removed from office, the Zuma faction will take over, and the country will be systematically pillaged. The time for the ANC has run out! 

They all pointed fingers at Mbeki. 

People started pointing fingers at Zuma. 

It's now Ramaphosa's fault, they say. 

His departure will salvage the African National Congress (ANC), which has undergone a "so-called rejuvenation" since Mbeki's recall. The ANC is beyond repair, Chief; it was broken long before Ramaphosa took office. Everything was operating OK before he came along; what changed? How is your mental health? Some of you pretend like you have memory difficulties, but remember when Zuma would switch ministers at the Guptas' urging? Do you recall the devaluation of the rand caused by Zuma's shifting of finance ministers? Where do you get the idea that ANC hasn't been a mess? You injected anything the media told you to believe without checking the facts; where is the proof that you are wrong? Keep in mind that the strength of an economy is directly proportional to the influence of its rulers; right now, we are weaker, but the credit rating companies insist that we are steady.


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