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Phumzile Van Damme tells the DA were to get off

Phumzile Van Damme is one of the people who have left the DA because of differences. The DA seems to be a white only party that uses black people. For the longest time the party has been trying so hard to put black people in the front to make it look like they are for black people when they are actually not.

This has been proven to be true when Tony Leon came out in the open and said that Mmusi Maimane was just an experiment that went wrong. They tried to get enough votes that will allow them to take over the country but they failed.

It seems like the DA is now not giving Phumzile Van Damme her space as she left the party and Phumzile has now decided to speak out. According to Phumzile the DA is blaming all the black people who have since left the party for their failures.

"Leave me alone. Leave all the black people who left your party alone. Stop parading them as scapegoats for your incompetence. You have your party back that's what you wanted right? Do with it what you & stop pointing towards black as blame for your failures. Finish and bye"

A number of black people have since left the DA. We first saw Mmusi Maimane, then it was Herman Mashaba and just recently it was Phumzile Van Damme. It seems like the party is not happy about their departure since they are forever taking about them.

The DA should just be focusing on the elections and leave Van Damme alone, unless they just want to be an opposing party and nothing else. She has served her purpose in the party and they should just let her be. Some people pare even saying that even Gwen should do the same. All black people are leaving the party and she is left there. There was no way she was going to be the president of the party after the failed experiment with Mmusi Maimane.

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