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Congregants In Shock As Gwede Mantashe is Caught Doing Somthing An unexpected || See Why



It has now been a year and a half since the country has been heavily struck by the pandemic that continues to put threat and pressure on the South African economy. This is because ever since the coronavirus has hit the country last year, a lot of things have changed and more questions have been asked on what will happen next after election time has passed.

Different political parties are now campaigning for the people of South Africa to be in power vote for the party of their choice. This is the time where people have the right to put which party to put in power and who deserves a break. This is because the other party is now facing so many issues that sound to be unfair.

This is because ANC staff have now decided to withdraw from assisting the party during the upcoming election. They mean serious business as they haven't been paid their salaries for the last three months of which they last made living in May and they are now tired of the party's empty promises.

Congregants were in shock yesterday when they had unexpected visitors from the African National Congress after they last visited them in March four years ago before the start of the 2018 elections. Chairperson of the ANC and human resource and mineral minister Gwede Mantashe was seen in church together with his fellow members.

They were seen in the church where the church was occupied by more than 250 people of which they have violated Covid-19 regulation. This is because it is not allowed for people to be more than 250 people in the church whether indoors and outdoor.

In the church when people were counted in numbers, they were more than 250 and now people are calling for the ANC to make an immediate arrest on Gwede Mantashe after violating the covid-19 laws.

Even though they have violated the law, it might seem like an arrest won't be made. This is because lots of political parties are now hosting rallies with more than the allowed average number of people and they don't care about the lives that are put at risk.

What is your intake on this and why?

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