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Parade protest


See Racist white people had to say about black people on Facebook.

Last year their we're many Racist attacks from white people that made the news. From a video emerging of a white man whipping a black man, to a white family viciously attacking an Indian family on Diwali night, which was so brutal it spawned a protest movement (Park by the Pozie) and a human rights lobby called NICSA (National indian Congress of South Africa). These, among other events, proved that many white people still had racism within them and now a post of Facebook shows them longing for the good old days. See what they had to say about apartheid times below.

The post in question shows two images, it is formatted as a meme, With The image on the top showing a pristine road with the caption "South Africa when whites rules" and the image below showing dirt scattered all over an intersection with with the caption "South Africa under black rule".

While this image is racist on its own, it's implication is that things were better during apartheid time just because it may have been cleaner while ignoring the fact that every race except white people were oppressed. See what they had to say below.

These two people constantly refer to black people saying "This is how they live" and "This is what their homes look like "

These two people are long for "The good old days". They mean apartheid times when people we're oppressed.

And these two people are saying it was better when "they" were in charge.

Everyone in the comments section seem to want the good old days, so are they saying that they want the good old days where white people ruled and all other races were oppressed. Where people of color was murdered and arrested by the authority's without a second thought. Is this the good old days they want. Tell me in the comments and follow for more news as it happens.

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