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Current border guards should be fired for letting this happen under their watch| Opinion

Current Border guards should be fired for letting this happen under their watch| Opinion

The migration crisis in South Africa has gotten out of control. Politicians such as Mmusi Maimane blame the crisis on the leaders or the SADC, while others report on different reasons for the crisis. 

A truck driver recorded a video of foreign nationals freely entering South Africa. A group of foreign nationals were seen crossing the border into South Africa. Surprisingly, no border guards were there to arrest them or demand documentation. The video showed why South Africa currently has an influx of foreign nationals. The neglect by border officials is also a contributing factor. 

The border guards are supposed to safeguard and ensure that South Africa is safe from illegal immigrants. They are supposed to make sure that no one comes to South Africa with no documentation. They are also supposed to make sure that no dangerous goods or objects pass through the borders without being detected. However, it looks like the border guards have failed dismally at their job. Just take a look at this video:

Companies usually fire people for incompetence and corruption and there is no reason why the border guards have not been fired yet. The influx of African foreign nationals in South Africa shows the incompetence of border guards. There is enough evidence to have the border guards fired and their contracts terminated. 

The government should rather consider privatising the security at the border. The government should allow for more initiatives such as the border guard initiative by Afriforum. Perhaps that would help stop illegal immigration. This should not be seen as xenophobia but rather because each and every country has a responsibility to safeguard their borders and their countries. 

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