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"What have you been doing the past 27 year?" Asks infuriated South Africans to ANCs promises

"What have you been doing the past 27 year?" Asks infuriated South Africans to ANCs promises

While you're here, please follow me!

ANC has been given too much time to prove themselves to citizens and every elections that we trusted them, they disappointed us! 27 years later, we are expecting that our physical and obvious needs are taken care of and we can tackle more serious issues facing the country, but instead we are still being promised fixed roads, potholes, sewage spills and broken water pipes by ANC!

What have they been doing if this is their manifesto in 2021? What has been done in their governance that benefits citizens beyond reasonable doubt?

The poster has left a very sour taste in the mouths of South Africans because it feels as though this is an insult by ANC. Why would they think it's okay to use these words on their poster knowing very well that this is the reality of many people in the country? If anything, it sounds arrogant because they are assuming that voters will give them their votes without any tangible promises. There are issues like poverty, unemployment and illegal immigration in South Africa and they saw potholes as being their canvass for votes?

If you only knew how these lies are affecting and hurting some of us

what was it doing all this time kanti?

You never get tired of lying? How many times have ANC said this since 1994? You have no shame man. As a ruling party you not even supposed to campaign but list your achievements but as usual none, only corruption and failures @ThaboFighter

Imagine creating all these problems, only to use it as an election campaign 🤣🤣🤣🤣. It would sound better to say, 'We will fix the problems we created' @ChristoThurston

It is stunning that the ANC has the audacity to actually think that it's okay to use what was used the past 27 years to campaign for votes. It shows that there has been no change!

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