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Politicians, fake gesture and empty promises.

We all know how it goes when it comes to election time. Different political parties are scattered all over the country making empty promises to people, helping as a way of bribing people for votes and food parcels and other necessity that are used as bribe. It's not like those who find themselves in such situations don't know that they are being bribed, they are much aware but rather not interested in revoking unnecessary drama. Lately we have seen how the country found itself in deep mess because of lack of mental competence. As we find ourselves within the battle of Covid and vaccines, some political party out there is planning to use the virus or the vaccine to their advantage. The problem of our country is that it is lead by corruption which build a barrier for success in our country. People were glad that they got their country back but still we are all salves to our weak brains. Why don't we vote for a white president just once? Ever since we have seen a same face playing cMr President",why can't youth of this country stand together and choose someone who actually cares about the country and it's people rather than fighting to get back the land or anything like that. What if it's about time, youth vote for a younger president who will be able to cater or listen to their problems as a country. Youth of this country is the future of the country and if they lack intelligence or thinking out of the box then the whole country is doomed.

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