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Today almost 700 ANC councilors are without jobs due to the election loss (Mzansi times)

The same power of the people that has put them in a position of leadership, it is the same power of people that will remove them from the position of leadership. Can you imagine that over 700 councilors of the African National Congress are now out of job because of these election results.

It shows that slowly but gradually, people are gaining momentum over the ANC, gradually but surely, the Democratic Alliance is busy taking over the country, and the African National Congress should just pull up their socks. In the next election to come they, ANC may itself without a country, without citizens to manipulate, and without any tax to steal from.

So this is coming as it was prophesied by the prophets of God that sees the future. There is a man of God who prophesied that the Lord is giving ANC the last chance, and if they blow that chance, there will be no mercy.

People are tired of lip service, people are tired of being promised a lot of things that never gets implemented. A lot of things that never gets done, they just promise as long as they know that they want some of us to vote, but after they have been voted into certain positions, you will never see them again doing what they have promised.

This has become a trend that people in have learnt and realised about politics. In the beginning it was okay, when people where promised and manipulated by those promises, to choose leaders because they thought that they will abide by their words, but these leaders they kept on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Now a lot of people have realised them for who they really are. A lot of politicians have been eliminated by their mistakes, and now people see that they can't change them, all what they need to do is to replace them.

Today almost 700 ANC councilors are without jobs due to the election loss!

The struggling on ground ANC hasn't made any arrangements for them going forward. 

Amongst the most hit, are KZN councillors, as most failed to attract votes and support on their regions. 


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