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Divorce Affair

Newly Elected ANC leader Allegedly Cheated by Girlfriend while at Conference.

The past weekend might have been a beautiful one for the newly elected ANC Secretary General in Gauteng TK Ncisa. However it seems like not everything has gone as he should have wished for himself. Apparently his girlfriend named Lebo Phasha has cheated on him.

According to a post circulating on social media, Lebo Pasha is reported to have cheated on TK Nciza with her ex boyfriend TM Luchesse this past weekend. This is reported to have happened while TK was away on ANC conference. TK has in the past divorced Mafikizolo's sensational member Nhlanhla Nciza for this girl.

The information was shared on social media by one of the known Twitter influencers. They posted, "Lebo Pasha cheating on TK Nciza with her ex boyfriend TM Luchesse this past weekend while TK was away on ANC conference, TK divorced Nhlanhla Nciza for this girl."

Some of the people who commented on the post showed their disregard for matters regarding ANC leaders. Someone claimed that, "anything that happens to an ANC member they deserve it."

However one woman who commented that men are idiots all the time was condemned. She was asked to stop generalizing her opinion about men. She was also questioned whether the girl was not stupid for sleeping around? "Do we have to include all Women for this girl's behaviour?"

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